Documentary on the Mission of the Society of Saint Pius X in Nigeria

Source: District of Africa

You will no doubt have heard of the apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X in Africa. But are you familiar with its newest mission in Nigeria?

In this vast country, invaded by Islam and gangrened by corruption, where there is immense poverty, many souls turn to the good God and, disappointed by the humanist rants of the local clergy, find themselves drawn more and more towards Catholic Tradition. 

The following documentary will further acquaint you with this story. Under somewhat unusual circumstances (surpassing the common man's imagination!), the priests of the Society spare no effort to come to the relief of souls. Their project can only come to completion with your assistance. Help us! Pray for us! 

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(Source : FSSPX/Afrique - FSSPX.Actualités - 18/05/17)