Kenya: The Excitement of New Learning Facilities

Source: District of Africa

What a pleasure it is to be learning in the new classrooms of Holy Cross Academy! What happiness is in the children’s eyes! What a peace of mind!

Every morning, the school opens at 7 o'clock, the teachers are already here to help the pupils in revising their lessons, while some staff and pupils attend the morning low Mass. At 8 o'clock, it’s time for assembly and morning prayers; thereafter, the teaching begins. A Kenyan tea is served at around 10 am; afterwards, lectures commence till noon. During lunch, the Sisters serve the children and teach them how to behave while eating. The pupils keep quiet, while they listen to some beautiful music during the meal. After lunch, the Sisters play with the children during the long afternoon break. The lectures continue from 2 to 4 pm.  Finally, the oldest pupils remain at school until 5:30 pm; studying their lessons under the supervision of their teachers.