News from Kenya - Fall 2016

Source: District of the USA

Photos showing the recent events and work done in Kenya

The SSPX founded Holy Cross Priory in Nairobi on the feast of St. Pius X, 2003. It continues to be a source of growth and vocations!

The priory in Nairobi, Kenya has seen much activity in the past few months, with a visit from the Bishop Bernard Fellay, the closing of a school year, the profession of the Missionary Sisters, and ongoing work at the Society of St. Pius X's school. 

Bishop Fellay’s Visit to Kenya

On 18th September 2016, the Priory of Nairobi was honoured with the presence of His Excellency Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St Pius X.

After the Solemn Mass, His Excellency examined with great satisfaction the progress of the construction of Holy Cross Academy. The parishioners welcomed him with all the honour due to his rank.

He spent most of his time at the Missionary Sisters’ convent in Karen, where he has appointed a new religious Superior, and also a new Novice Mistress.

End of School Year 2016

This 27th October was graduation day and the end of the school year 2016. Many pupils won prizes, but above all they expressed their gratitude to their teachers and parents with a beautiful show.

This was a good occasion for a big community photograph, together with the pupils, the teachers, and the workers who are building the future school.

Now it is time for the pupil’s holiday. As for the Missionaries, it is time for even more intensive work in order to complete construction on the building and prepare for the opening of the next school year starting in January.

The Missionary Sisters pose after the ceremony of profession

Missionary Sisters’ Taking of the Habit

This 21st November 2016 was a special day for the Society of St Pius X in Kenya. Five young ladies, originally from Uganda, Switzerland, and France received their religious habit, while Sister Mary Josephine, from Nigeria, pronounced her first religious vows.

Several priests came to attend the ceremony in Nairobi. Fathers Schreiber and Stephan Pflüger came from Switzerland. Father Pius Nanthambwe came from Nigeria, and Father Prudent Balou from Gabon.

Now the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary have 7 professed Sisters, 8 novices, and 2 postulants.

Holy Cross Academy project

Thank you very much to all the benefactors who are sponsoring Holy Cross Academy project. The Kenyan faithful have raised a large contribution during a very successful Harambee held on 6th November.

The progress of the construction is very good and very fast, so that the facility is expected to open six new classrooms in January 2017 for the new school year. The number of pupils will also grow drastically: there were 91 at the end of 2016 and there will be between 120 and 150 in year 2017, with a staff of 9 teachers.

(Source : – DICI dated December 09, 2016)