Anniversaries to celebrate in Africa

Source: District of Canada

On the occasion of several anniversaries in the District of Africa, we thank God for his visible protection over the development of our houses. At each moment, Divine Providence has watched over us, giving what is necessary for us to live and to grow. Without a penny in advance, houses were purchased and furnished - and projects to expand them, are plentiful.

Despite several difficulties that even threatened its existence, the continual protection of Saint Joseph allows the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the priory in Zimbabwe.

In Gabon the zeal of the priests has resulted in thousands of Baptisms, Confirmations and Extreme-Unctions. Today the Mission has over 2,000 faithful and more than 600 students in the Catechism programme. The boy’s school currently has 270 students and has opened a small boarding school for twenty students in the senior classes.

After very humble beginnings in Tanzania in 2008, there is already a need for a permanent mission to be started. Divine Provindence is guiding the way with making available a plot of land in the largest economic city in Tanzania.

Finally, in Durban there is the celebration of 30 years of Tradition and 25 years of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Priory.

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