Anthropological Study Does Justice to the Institution of Christian Marriage

Source: FSSPX News

A study published by Science Magazine suggests that the Catholic Church played a major role in the emergence of elites in the West. How? By regulating societies through the institution of Christian marriage.

It appears that church marriage may even be a key to success and personal growth. That is, if we believe the detailed anthropological study, published by the monthly reference magazine Science on November 8, 2019.

A team of American researchers from George Mason University (GMU) has found that what we customarily call the “Western elites” constitute a group apart from all other types of population in the world : more selfless, more developed, more inclined to success.

To explain this phenomenon, our social scientists have used “psycho-social factors” in which they see the heritage of a very specific family model.

According to them, the Catholic Church, by gradually permeating societies, has slowly brought about a new type of human relations, where the clan ceases to prevail over the family nucleus. The family can then flourish, for the good of each of its members: spouses and children.

The privileged means of this development was Christian marriage which, by making intermarriage disappear, allowed the family to acquire a moral, intellectual, and social influence. This was made possible by Christianity, from which Western man has come.

In the eyes of the GMU research team, Western man owes his success to the “enduring family institution” established by the Church throughout the past centuries.

It is not common for the human sciences to throw a brick in the pool of defenders of deconstruction and “gender” ideology, where it is fashionable to see Christian marriage as the source of all “discrimination.” In the face of widespread transgressions and moral corruption, it is never too late to return to the sources of true civilization, those of the Catholic city.