News from Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia

Source: District of the USA

Read about the SSPX's missionary efforts in Africa!

From our District of Africa, the newest issue of Catholic Tradition in Africa is now available!

In this edition of the quarterly bulletin (#15) the SSPX's missionary work in the countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia is explained and colorfully shown. Also included is an informative editorial of the Africa District Superior, Fr. Loic Duverger.

The reports include:


  • Country of the Martyrs and of the White Nile
  • Introduction to Uganda
  • Present apostolate
  • Projects


  • Some general information about Tanzania
  • The story of Catholic Tradition in Tanzania
  • The challenges
  • Developments
  • Our projects


  • Organizing missionary visits
  • Info on Republic of Zambia
  • How the SSPX's apostolate started