Stunning views of Tradition in Africa

Source: District of the USA

An inspiring view of the SSPX's apostolic work for the Catholic Faith and the salvation of souls in the African countries of Ghana, Cameroon and Namibia.

We are happy to announce to our readers that another colorful edition of Catholic Tradition in Africa is available!

This newsletter of the District of Africa provides another inspiring presentation of the SSPX's missionary work on that continent, complimented with stunning imagery.

Issue #14 gives some interesting descriptions of the beginnings of the Society of St. Pius X's work for Catholic Tradition in the countries of Ghana, Cameroon and Namibia. Coincidentally, some of these areas were under the care of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre when he was Apostolic Delegate of Dakar.

Most importantly though, the brief reports from each country demonstrate how the faithful cling to the Catholic Faith despite all forms of practical adversity and the broadening Modernist crisis in Africa.